Living with K-Girl

Background information about K-Girl

K-Girl is a very special and unique person.  when she was first born she really didn’t like to be held, so inventive ways were tried so she could be held, bathed, changed, and burped.  Even now she doesn’t like to be touched too much.  She was in and out of the hospital for different things.  One of the biggest was not gaining weight.  She has always been a little thing.  She suffers from ADD/ADHD, PDD, ODD and GERD.  She came to live with us about 5 years ago.

When she came to live with us she has seeing a lot of specialists for different things.  She was dealing with a lot of emotional issues as well as health.  She weighed between 30 and 40 pounds.  Her weight wasn’t due to neglect or anything she just wasn’t gaining weight.  She was in school and and was doing so-so there.  The ODD started coming out and problems followed.

Before long we were having to go and see the teacher and principle over behavior issues.  The school worked with us and helped us the best they could.  Finally in the end, when she had received several referrals in one week we decided we needed to do something different.  After several discussions with different people we decided to pull her our of the brick and mortar school and get her into online schooling.  She is still attending online school.

We did research and background information about online schools.  She started in 2nd grade and we started seeing progress with her grades.  This was the first of many new things to come for her.  We worked with her on a lot of different things.  We were starting to have more good days than bad days.  There would be times where she didn’t want to day any school work and we would work through them the best we could.  The time she ate also had changed.  It didn’t matter if she ate breakfast at 7 or at 10 lunch was always at 1.  Changing the time she ate lunch made a big difference with her.  She also earned pajama days for doing good work.  We started seeing improvements with her so she could have pajama days.

The ODD was still front and center.  Tell her not to do something and she would go ahead and do it.  The ODD with the ADD/ADHD would make some days frustrating for all of us.  There would be days where she would only get a couple of hours of school work done and other days where she would  blow through several lessons in no time.  We are still working on a happy medium.

She was seeing a therapist for all of this and on medication.  Her primary care doctor wanted her off one medicine and on something else.  This was done and her weight started going up.  She even made it onto the growth chart instead of being below it.  Every weight gain we celebrated.  Her appetite increased and grew.  We were getting somewhere now.

Because of separation anxiety, whenever one of us would be in the hospital the other would take her there to visit.  We wanted her to know that even if we weren’t home we would be there for her.  We still do this for her so she knows that we are coming home.

A year ago we moved.  To understand how her mind works you have to know she doesn’t like any changes in her routine.  So when we moved the ODD started showing back up.  After lot of love, understanding and reassuring her, she has settled down and back into her groove.  She made friends and found out some “friends” can be mean.  She has became friends with the girls next door.  One of them is like a big sister to her.  She is learning about life and how it can be fair and unfair.

A year ago her primary care doctor noticed she was developing scoliosis.  We took her to a pediatric orthopedist.  Six months ago it was confirmed that her scoliosis was at 12 degrees.  We took her this week and in 6 months it had almost doubled.  So the next chapter in her young life will be how to live, cope and deal with scoliosis and wearing a brace.  Her brace has been ordered and we have been researching about clothes under the brace and all.  Her orthopedist wants her to learn about it and be able to teach others.  We want to make this positive for her so she don’t fight us wearing the brace and all.  We want her to learn that when something negative happens you turn it around and make something positive out of it.

This blog is about her and how she deals with life.

*Her real name or pictures of her face will not be posted to protect her from the crazies out there.


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