I want to make something perfectly clear

My husband and I do not work.  It is because we don’t work that we have guardianship over K-Girl.  Her mother works full time and wouldn’t be able to keep a job if she had to take K-Girl to all of her doctor appointments.  Our daughter and granddaughter has a relationship.  We have K-girl so her mother can work.  We love the both very much.  If ANYONE says anything negative about either one of them I will not be the sweet loving mother/grandmother.  This wasn’t something that was just threw upon us.  It is something that a lot of thought and talking went in to.  It had been discussed for months before it took place.  This blog is about K-girl and her journey  through scoliosis.  It is a place for us to vent and share happy moments.  It is not the place to bash us, our daughter or granddaughter.  We are sharing a learning experience and the life of a child with scoliosis.  As we go along you will learn more about our family and about scoliosis.


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