Brace Time

K-Girl got her brace and adjusting to it.  She is up to 10 hours a day now and doing good. She has her moments though.  We are learning what works and make it more comfortable for her.  We are working on her telling us her feelings and any pain associated with it.  Vocalization is not her strong point.  She just goes along with every thing.  She doesn’t complain about much.

One good thing is she goes to school online and they work with us on what she needs for state testing.  In a traditional school they wouldn’t do that. With all of her appointments she is able to go to school on weekends without missing a day, so she stays caught up on her schoolwork.

We are working on clothing.  K-Girl isn’t a fashion statement she will wear what she feels like wearing without much of a thought of how it looks.  With the brace she needs something between her skin and the brace.  Around the house she is comfortable letting her brace show.  When we go somewhere she wears shirts over it.  She is slowly getting there one day at a time.


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